Spicy Tendercrisp sandwich

Today I went to BK with Susie. She got her favorite, the original Whopper and since according to ordering rule #1 where no two people may order the same thing I had to order the spicy tendercrisp sandwich.

Here is the description from www.burgerking.com.

"Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and spicy all over. The New Spicy TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich. A tender chicken breast filet with crisp breading, fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes and spicy sauce on a corn dusted bun. Get ready for a mouth-whupin'. Only at BURGER KING® Restaurants."

What this doesn't say is that the "spicy sauce" is just mayo with a crapload of tabasco. I should have looked at the website before ordering because then I would have realized the difference between the spicy and regular is just the sauce. I thought maybe it could have been a spicy crust on the chicken or something like that, but no it wasn't.

I finished the whole thing, but I don't recommend it because of the overwhelming vinegary taste from the hot sauce. If you like that sourness then by all means go ahead, but for me, I'm sticking with regular old mayo from now on.


I love America

Only in America do they give you free food. I'm not talking about the moldy wormy leftovers, but real food.

Yesterday was the free ice cream cake night at Coldstone Creamery. It was a benefit thingy for the Make a Wish Foundation where they ask for a donation and in exchange they give you a "free" cake. I admit, I was guilted into giving a donation, but it's for a good cause.

I'm not usually into coldstone ice cream because I'm not into the softer texture because of all the mixing in of the extras but for the price, it was worth the trip over there.

The ice cream cake was layers of devil's food cake, sweet cream ice cream, Oreos and chocolate shavings wrapped in chocolate ganache. Not bad. I like the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cake better, but I haven't seen a free offer for that yet. When they have one of those I'm there.

Overall, I would rank the Coldstone ice cream cake about equal with Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes. Frozen cake is not nearly as good as frozen brownies and cookies.

Now when is the next free food offer?

ice cream
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KFC Salads???????????

I received this by email today. Now what is wrong with this picture.....? KFC doesn't that stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken? Now I'm all for fried chicken in salads, but looking at the picture, the chicken ain't fried. I need crispy fried goodness in my salads.

There was also some words on the email.

Here's what it says...


Looking for a chicken salad made by people who really know chicken? Head to KFC® today and treat yourself to a chicken salad brought to you by the Colonel, the original chicken expert. Made with tender and delicious Crispy or Oven Roasted Chicken, these restaurant-quality salads have lots of the good stuff you crave. And right now, print this email and bring it into any participating KFC® and get a free 16.9 oz. bottle of Aquafina® when you try any of our New Chicken Salads at regular price.

Now what's up with offering water as a free offer? How about free croutons and ketchup packages next time? Genius move Tricon Global.



nads gone wild

see "shik do rak" entry
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shik do rak

shik do rak (or "SDR" as i like to call it) is one of my favorite korean bbq joints in k-town (at corner of olympic and hoover). what makes it stand out from all the rest is the "duk bo sam" which are these white rice noodle wrappers (similar to won ton skins) that you use to wrap your bbq'd meat in (after dipping it into a sesame oil/salt/pepper mixture and a red hot sauce), along w/ the green lettuce, shredded green onions, and sesame seed salad mixture and whatever else you want to throw in there. our group of five ordered the $49.99 combination, which has the thinly sliced beef, beef short ribs, and beef king ribs, which are these two huge slabs of beef, along w/ sliced onions and mixed mushrooms. we also got the $10.99 seafood pancake, and had more food than we could eat. (but i've been here on other occasions and have found that the quantity of meat is inconsistent. i guess it depends on who's working in the kitchen).

on my last visit with a bunch of friends, we were adventurous and ordered the monkfish casserole, which seemed to be a popular item -- it wasn't so much a casserole, but more of a noodle dish mixed with seafood and lots of red chile sauce. what threw us were these roundish mussel-sized creatures with a really tough, thick, chewy wrinkled hide-like skin that were filled with a bitter liquid and a free floating bb-sized hard ball inside. we're still trying to figure out what they are and don't even know if it's plant or animal. the waitstaff weren't much help, either, because they could only tell us what they are in korean, but didn't know the english translation (if there is one). the only thing we got for sure was that they are from the ocean. so, we just labelled them "nads." those who sampled them said they were really bitter and tough. the above picture is of a crazed-looking kendra holding a "nad" in her chopsticks.