"french" bakery, korean style

Paris Baguette on 6th st, just west of Kenmore is quite a treat. Their fresh chocolate croissants fulfilled its yummy flaky buttery reputation. I threw in an almond bread filled with creamy filling for good measure, as I indeed did enjoy the walnut version I had tried at Cake House in the Ktown Galleria. Didn't know Koreans had these lightly sweetened and not too heavily creamy nut-breads. Who knew?

As far as the decaf coffee I had? Watery. Kinda like that of the union-busting Starbucks.

Grubclub grand total: five bucks and some change.

Paris Baguette
3470 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
one on 6th st and another on Western.
Open 7am


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