Since we're on the topic of poultry, and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I'd make my initial post about Tasty-Q Bbq. Located on Crenshaw, about a 1/2 mile south of the 10 freeway, Tasty-Q is relatively well known for their bbq. Some would argue that Leo's (now known as something I can't remember) is superior, and that's quite possibly a valid argument. HOWEVER...Tasty Q's is one up on that joint in the sense that they offer an additional menu item....FRIED TURKEY!. For the low low price of $2/lb, you can have them deep fry a turkey for you. Now keep in mind that fried turkey is NOTHING like fried chicken. It's not breaded, and it's definitely not as greasy. Fried turkey tastes similar to roasted turkey, the only difference (and this is a big one) is that even the white meat is REALLY moist. It has something to do /w cooking it much more quickly in the deep fryer than in the oven, but I'm not a culinary scientist. Just a guy /w a healthy appetite. Anyway, give em a couple days notice if you want to use this option for Thanksgiving, as I'm sure they'll have a quite a demand for this tasty spin on an old favorite.

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles

roscoe's chicken dance
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speaking of tasty chicken... this is what you'll look like, too, after having some of roscoe's southern fried chicken and waffles -- a regular LA institution. i personally find the menu to be disorganized and somewhat baffling, but that's me... who am i to question an institution??

because of the strange permutations of items on the menu, i always find myself ordering the same one or two things -- the "country boy" or "the oscar" -- simply because they are the only items on the menu that contain both the chicken AND waffles i crave without my having to go into making side orders or ordering a ton of food at a much higher price.

oh, and speaking of higher prices, here's a lesson for you: be careful when ordering a side order of scrambled eggs. on the menu under side orders, it says "1 egg - $1.50." if you tell the waitress you'd like "a side of scrambled eggs," you'll get charged $3.00 because, as she explained to me, "you said 'eggs' which means two. it's $1.50 per *egg* so since you got two, it's $3.00." ok???

still, i can't question the inevitable deliciousness of my meal. i love the combination of the hot, fresh, savory chicken with the sweet maple syrup-covered waffles. finish it all off with a tall glass of cold milk and you'll be doing the chicken dance with everyone else.

Pollo ala Brasa

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you think you've had good chicken? i challenge you to try the pollo at this peruvian hole-in-the-wall joint and tell me you've had better. pollo ala brasa is the name, and juicy, tender and smoky-flavored rotisseried chicken is the game at this odd-little shack, which shares a tiny triangle-shaped island in the middle of koreatown with a car wash. one look at the humongous pile of wood stacked against the outside wall and you know these people mean business when they're firing up their grill.

the place is apparently run by japanese-peruvians (not so uncommon -- think alberto fujimori), demonstrated by the ubiquitous cat with its paw in the air behind the counter and the freewheeling spanish spoken by the japanese-looking people running the cash register.

i love to get the half or whole chicken combo -- comes with fries and a salad (with beets -- love 'em!) to split w/ one or two other people, depending on how hungry we are. on this day, grant and i were famished and we nearly finished the whole chicken combo (pictured above) before we gave up. the green chili sauce that comes with your food is lethal, but oh-so-good with the chicken and an icy, cold horchata is the perfect milky-sweet antidote to the heat. i can't wait 'til my next visit.

Pollo ala Brasa: view from our table

pab bullethole
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this is the lovely view from our table at pollo ala brasa. yes, that is the sign for the car wash next door. and yes, that is what appears to be a bullet hole. but don't worry about being the victim of a drive-by while you dine... this hole appears to have been caused by a bullet fired from *inside* the place. (apparently, the japanese-peruvians don't play when you try to skip out on your bill... ).