Sing a song for Seong Buk Dong!

Goddamn I hate how blogger works. Sorry for the rant, but I wrote a great post about Seong Buk Dong and it didn't save properly... so I'm left to re-write this post in haste. Here it goes...

Forget everything you know about Corean food. You'll find neither smokey charcoal nor endless bottles of Soju at this fine establishment. Instead, you'll find a quaint and very family-welcoming feeling at the home-styled Seong Buk Dong, located next to my favorite bar - Dan Sungsa, on the corner of Berendo and 6th street, Los Angeles.

Aside from the fact that this was the restaurant that my dear friends took me to, after being released from my brief sting in da joint... Seong Buk Dong gets thug love for the food, word is bond. The dishes prepared are traditionally Corean dishes served at home, but don't let this make you think that you're in for a plain and ordinary meal. Quite the contrary.

Fortunately I'm smart enough to roll with Coreans whenever I dine in Coreatown. If you need me to explain why, you must've never dined in the land of ko-ko-mo. But of the many dishes that I've tasted here, all have been superb - especially the Galbi-Jiem; a short-rib dish slow broiled, with the most majestic soy based sauce - that it melts in your mouth. And a fish dish that is the restaurant's specialty, but I'm unsure of the name. I let my lover do all the ordering for me..


The fish dish...