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beverages that can give you cancer

It's a good thing San Pellegrino Limonata and Hansen's Root Beer (my latest beverages of choice) are not on this list, since I just bought two new 6-packs and am looking forward to cracking them open.

This list is not good news, however, for my friend (who will remain nameless here, but who should recognize himself when he reads this) who regularly consumes fanta orange and pineapple sodas as his daily "fruit" intake.

Released by the Environmental Working Group:
On February 24 and February 27, 2006, EWG purchased the following drinks at four major retail outlets in Washington, DC. They all contained ascorbic acid and either sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate—the ingredients that the FDA and the beverage industry have said can mix together to form benzene, a known human carcinogen. The actual levels of benzene formed in these products may be at trace levels and within legal limits for drinking water. EWG has no information indicating that benzene is actually present in any of these products at any level, however, we recommend that consumers avoid any amount of benzene in drinks intended for children (listed alphabetically):

* Country Time Lemonade
* Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange
* Diet Pepsi Twist
* Diet Pepsi Vanilla
* Diet RockStar Energy Drink
* Fanta Orange
* Fanta Pineapple
* Fruit20 Plus 10 Natural Apple
* Giant Fruity Punch Cooler
* Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red
* Hawaiian Punch Lemonade
* Hi-C Blast, Orange Supernova
* Kool-Aid Jammers Blue-Raspberry
* Kool-Aid Jammers Cherry
* Kool-Aid Jammers Grape
* Kool-Aid Jammers Orange
* Lo-Carb Monster Energy
* Monster Energy
* Pepsi Twist Lemon
* RockStar Energy Drink
* Sierra Mist
* Sunkist
* Sunny D
* Sunny D Baja
* Sunny D Intense Sport Cool Punch
* Sunny D Orange-Fused Strawberry
* Sunny D Smooth
* Sunny D Smooth + Calcium
* Tampico Citrus Punch
* Tampico Grape Punch
* Tampico Tropical Punch
* Tropicana Twister Diet Soda (Diet Orange)
* Tropicana Twister Soda Grape
* Tropicana Twister Soda Orange
* Tropicana Twister Soda Strawberry


Corner Bakery

Almost every Sunday I ride with the San Fernando Valley Bike Club. We ride about 25-30 miles on the streets of the Valley. Halfway through the ride we usually stop at either a Western Bagel, a coffee shop, or Corner Bakery. This week was Corner Bakery. I've been there 3 times and everything I've order is quite excellent.

The first time I got a slice of the cinnamon creme cake. It's like a bunt cake and a coffee cake and quite excellent, but I felt it on the ride back.

The second time I got the mixed berry parfait, because everybody loves parfaits. It's layers of crunchy granola, low fat vanilla yogurt, and a delicious combination of strawberries & blueberries. While it was quite tasty, at $3.29 it's more than I would like to pay. I'd rather get the fruit and yogurt parfait at McD's for $.99.

Last Sunday I got the swiss oatmeal. It's a chilled European breakfast cereal made with rolled oats, fresh green apples, bananas, currants, dried cranberries, low fat yogurt, and skim milk. Served with a Sweet Crisp that's like a dried slice of sweet bread sprinkled with sugar. So it's cold oatmeal with fruits and yogurt mixed in. Pretty darn tasty and it doesn't sit in your stomach like a ton of bricks like the cinnamon cake did. The ride back was quite pleasant.

All in all a good bike breakfast. Next time I'm going to get the regular oatmeal.


L'Artiste Patisserie

Going out to brunch/lunch with Susie's mom on Sunday is always a fun experience. She's game for almost anything so it's my time to try out new places. We went to L'Artiste Patisserie in Encino on Ventura and Louise. It's in the same shopping center as the Sav-on next to Catch 21.

Inside there are two large display cases with their beautiful pastries and breads. I would say there are about 6 round tables to fit 2-3 people inside and a number of the same round tables outside in a little patio area.

Susie got the almond brioche french toast which was pretty standard french toast. Nothing too exciting, it comes with a side of fruit salad.

Susie's mom and Allen shared the classic croissant with ham. It was a ham and swiss sandwich on a very good croissant. Allen ate out all the ham and cheese and had the top bread, so I got to have the bottom bread with lettuce and tomato and mayo.

I had the roast beef sandwich. It's not on the online menu, but it should be. It's hot roast beef slices with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, carmelized onions and cheddar cheese on a toasted baguette. Now that's a sandwich.

We also took some pastries home since they looked so good. We got a chocolate croissant bread pudding, red velvet cupcake, blueberry scone and a chocolate croissant. I haven't had the croissant yet, it's warming up in the skillet. I'm on a mission to find the best chocolate croissant. So far Portos is winning in the So. Cal region but after I eat this one we may have a new winner.

L'Artiste Patisserie
17312-A Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
tel: 818-386-0061
fax: 818-386-0121




Closed Monday