Pizzeria Mozza: Listen to Flavor Flav & Don't-Don't-Don't Believe the Hype!! (Sorta)

(fennel sausage pizza image courtesy of rick p. http://speedm.yelp.com)

i can't believe i did it but i finally ventured out to see about the hype.

i couldn't get in on a last-minute reservation cancellation so we waited at 6:45p on a Wednesday night for two spots at the bar. we got in after a 20min wait or so.

winebar guy in the corner was friendly. very responsive with refilling my water glass (for i am quite the thirsty diner). did some friendly and appropriate verbal sparring w/ me when i asked smarta*s questions about the menu. all-in-all. okay.

crowded. even the tables looked crowded. rather small space. i wonder how much more money they could be making right now if they had just 30% more table area. hmmmm..... overall really simple. casual clean decor.

okay. here we go. overall, i think there are certain items that we tried which were a bit overpriced or not worth the cost. i proceed...

* roasted spears (4) of asparagus coated w/ finely grated parmesan, with ample buttery slices of quality prosciutto and drizzled w/ olive oil. - 8 dollars---this was divine. i'd say hearty enough to merit the price.
* tricolore salad, well-coated in grated parmesan and complex anchovy based dressing - 14 dollars!!!!! delicious...but TOO expensive, even for the ample portion!
* fennel-sausage pizza - 14 dollars---MEH. Salty sausages...though still tasty. otherwise the toppings were unremarkable...couldn't really taste the other ones. the crust was pretty nice. most food bloggers have already covered this finer point. i get it. nancy does bread and she does it well. let's move on.
* prosciutto pizza - 15 dollars---Also MEH. plenty of prosciutto covering the pizza but i couldn't taste really any of the other toppings. i think we were on prosciutto overkill after being satiated by the asparagus appetizer
* butterscotch budino for dessert - 8 dollars. too sweet...and salty

total bill without tip = $63.87 (for two young ladies eating everything but half of each 10inch pizza

overhyped for sure. good joint but for the hype and price of some of the food, it's a little TOO much drama to get in for me. worth the wait to beat the crowd if you got a first date that requires some action around you to keep the conversation interesting. next time, i'll just get a pizza (the price is okay for what you get) and the asparagus/prosciutto appetizer.

641 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 297-0101


Blogger Aubrey said...

YES! A voice of reason...I wanted to hear someone tell me that it's not all that before I sit and wait. I was tired of all the hype and am glad to see a less then heavenly review of it. Let's be reasonable...it's pizza. I will still go soon and write it up as well. But man I was like what they heck...let's be critical at least. Thank you thank you thank you!

5/31/2007 4:10 PM  

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