Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Don't get the chocolate croissant at CB&TL. I went there on the mid-ride break with the San Fernando Bike Club. I only had $5 and I had to decide between a coffee drink of a baked item. I figured since I had a water bottle I didn't need another drink, and the croissant looked pretty good. The croissant part was fairly good, but what made it bad was the chocolate. First, it should be dark chocolate not milk chocolate. Next, the chocolate filling shouldn't be grainy.

I ate it all.


Auntie Em's

About a block south of Senor Fish in Eagle Rock on the other side of the street is a a little place called Auntie Em's. Inside you order at the counter off of a chalkboard menu and a refrigerated case of freshly made salads. On your left are their baked treats, huge cupcakes, blondie bars and small cakes by the slice. I ordered the grilled chicken breast sandwich with grilled chicken, thick sliced applewood smoked bacon, avocado, fancy lettuce, tomato and mayo on a rosemary roll and a small side of potato salad and a bottle of mexican coke. The sandwich was in the $8 range and the side salad was about $3, so it isn't cheap, but I split it with Sarah. The sandwich was okay. The bacon was really good, nice and thick and meaty. The best part was at the end when you just have the avocado and bacon left over. Next time I'm getting the B.L.A.S.T. (bacon, lettuce, avocado, sprouts, tomato). The potato salad was pretty good. Not the watery mayo and celery concoction that you usually get. It had just enough mayo to keep all the potatoes together and most memorable for me, no celery. The cupcakes are a bit smaller than the Costco muffins, but not by much. At $3.50 each they're not cheap. The chocolate cupcake cake was a bit on the dry side but the frosting was really good dark chocolate. If they would only put that frosting on the Costco chocolate muffin....

Next door there is a little marketplace that sells cheese, sweets, and other gourmet items. Most of the cheeses they have are from small California farmsteads which coincidentally are my favorite kinds of cheeses.

4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
phone: 323-255-0800
fax: 323-255-8068

mon-fri 8am to 7pm
sat-sun 8am to 4pm


Black Cherry Vanilla Coke

I would best describe it as a cross between Coke and Dr. Pepper.

Best if you don't really like the medicine taste of Dr. Pepper, but you want your Coke to be a bit spicier.

I have to say, it makes for some tasty burps.


2006 L.A. Cultural Dining Tour

Hey GrubClubbers,

Check this out: From Feb 6 through Feb 26, you can get your grub on AND help out a worthy cause! Read on:

The 2006 Los Angeles Cultural Dining Tour (www.culturaldining.com) is a celebration of the multitude of cultures in the Los Angeles area through participating restaurants and special cultural events in their venues. Currently, 66 Los Angeles area restaurants have come together to participate in this extraordinary 3-week event!

Beginning February 6th through 26th, each restaurant will be offering special prix fixe dining menus and incorporating events and performances reflecting their countries of origin. With each special Cultural Dining Tour prix fixe meal served, the restaurant will donate $1 to each of our two featured charities. Proceeds from the three weeks will benefit COPE and the Los Angeles Coalition To End Hunger and Homelessness. As the mayor recently referred to Los Angeles as the nation's homelessness capital, there may be no more vital time than now to show our support and involvement in this cause.

The Launch Party takes place Monday, February 6th, at Rita Flora Kitchen (460 S. La Brea Ave.), from 3pm-6pm. This event serves to introduce everyone to the details and significance of the incredible tour and to the participating restaurants, all while partaking in fabulous food. All participating restaurants are listed on the site: www.culturaldining.com.

The Closing Ceremony takes place Monday, February 27th, from 7pm-10pm, at Oasis Mediterranean Bar and Restaurant (611 N. La Brea), and features dancing, food, and special events, including the premiere of the Cultural Dining Tour Cook-Off Show.