Jack in the Box

Continuing on my fine reputation for reviewing the fine dining establishments that this fine city has to offer, may I present my latest review.

Jack-in-the-Box Bacon Cheddar Wedges.

I'm not a big fan of Yack-in-the-Box, but one of my co-workers got it for free. Most people get screwed in the drive-thru, but she always manages to get free stuff.

For those of you that haven't discovered this gastronomic treat, it's seasoned potato wedges covered in melted "cheddar" (tasted like american cheese to me) cheese with bacon bits sprinkled over. Mine also had the fried remnants of the curly fries mixed in for an added treat. I like to call it White Trash Surprise. Since I've been training for a triathlon I'm watching what I eat for the most part, but who can resist free food? Usually when you go through the drive thru and the fries sit in the bag for a few minutes it gets soggy and gross. Not these. Through the miracle of food engineering, the cheese somehow keeps it all crispy and tasty, and every once in a while you get a curly fry covered in the melted american cheese for an added spicy treat.

Not for every day or every week eating, but when you've been watching what you eat for a whole week, the bacon "cheddar"potato wedges are the way to make sure you fall way off the wagon.


What the Pho?

I heard that What the Pho sells T-shirts. If any of you ever go by this place please get me one.

Gary_What the Pho

What the Pho

Pho Shizzle


la taquiza

so i am on my way to pick up food for a meeting, and my stomach is already growling in anticipation of the grindz that i'm going to get at la taquiza (not to be confused with the horrible tequila-beer combo...that's tequiza ).
Located near USC on Figueroa, a few blocks north of jefferson, in the corner spot of the mini-mall that also has a yoshinoya, on the surface, La Taquiza looks like your standard taqueria. but it's not. they have a pretty full menu including the standard burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. but for the uninitiated, i would definitely try the mulitas. Basically a mulita is about the size of a taco, but it's made with two thick grilled corn tortillas (similar to those used for the huaraches mentioned earlier), which sandwich meat of your choice, cheese, and guacamole. YUM. my description really does the mulitas no justice. suffice it to say, i first ate here about 4 weeks ago..and have been back 4 times since! (and tonight will be my first).

the mulitas go for about $2 each.

they also have really good quesadillas which can be made with your choice of meat as well, and some of the BEST horchata ever.

i think they're open relatively late (maybe 10pm-ish...) but that needs to be verified.
edit it's mulIta, not mulEta. my bad.


peach boy

allen breadhelmet
Originally uploaded by illewminator.
this is just an excuse to post a photo of my cute little nephew wearing a "helmet" made of bread and decorated to look like a peach.

you might be wondering: why is there a giant piece of bread made in the shape of a peach? we were at sam woo's in the giant chinese mall on the corner of valley and del mar in the san gabriel valley for a 70th b-day banquet for my uncle. i guess the chinese chefs were feeling especially festive - the dessert plate featured little bread buns filled with white lotus seed paste decorated like peaches and attractively arranged around (and under) a giant "peach" shell.

seeing that this bread shell was approximately the size of my nephew's head, i decided to see what he would do if we put it on him like a bike helmet. unfortunately, all the other little brats around us saw what we were doing and decided to copy us, so all-out mayhem soon broke out. but not until after i got these precious shots.