Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles

roscoe's chicken dance
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speaking of tasty chicken... this is what you'll look like, too, after having some of roscoe's southern fried chicken and waffles -- a regular LA institution. i personally find the menu to be disorganized and somewhat baffling, but that's me... who am i to question an institution??

because of the strange permutations of items on the menu, i always find myself ordering the same one or two things -- the "country boy" or "the oscar" -- simply because they are the only items on the menu that contain both the chicken AND waffles i crave without my having to go into making side orders or ordering a ton of food at a much higher price.

oh, and speaking of higher prices, here's a lesson for you: be careful when ordering a side order of scrambled eggs. on the menu under side orders, it says "1 egg - $1.50." if you tell the waitress you'd like "a side of scrambled eggs," you'll get charged $3.00 because, as she explained to me, "you said 'eggs' which means two. it's $1.50 per *egg* so since you got two, it's $3.00." ok???

still, i can't question the inevitable deliciousness of my meal. i love the combination of the hot, fresh, savory chicken with the sweet maple syrup-covered waffles. finish it all off with a tall glass of cold milk and you'll be doing the chicken dance with everyone else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are too other items that come with chicken and waffles. Just about all of them do. For example try the Carol C. Special or the Scoe's #1 or #2. with that said has anyone ever seen the department of health rating on a Roscoe's? Not that it would stop me from eating there, but it does make me wonder.

Very truly yours,

Bastard Son of Colonel Sanders

12/20/2004 3:18 PM  
Blogger illewminator said...

while it is true that the other items you mention have both chicken and waffles, they have -- as i said in my original posting -- more food than i prefer to order and they come at a much higher price than i prefer to pay.

12/20/2004 6:27 PM  
Blogger rrrob said...

this place is over-rated. for l.a.'s best fried chix, try pioneer chicken on corner of san vicente and olympic. their sides suck though...get it to-go since it's kinda ghetto inside.

5/15/2006 2:53 AM  

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