Irv's Burgers...

Have any of you been to irv's burgers?
Apparently it's on Santa Monica and Sweetzer in West Hollywood. I gathered the following from their website:
1) This looks like a place that at least one of us should have been to at some point.
2) It also looks like a place that should be preserved, especially considering all the ugly development that's been going on in that area. (Ie. big box retailers barging into neighborhoods, historic landmarks being destroyed, and the faces of communities changing).

Anyway, I haven't been there yet, but am definitely going to drop by soon. Who's with me?!


Blogger illewminator said...

nope, never been, but i'm game. and this gives me an idea which also follows up on previous postings by jenny & greg... let's do a feature on the best burger in LA. who's with me???

2/06/2005 2:32 AM  
Blogger NuttinButGlutton said...

great idea on the hamburger taste-off. although what are the rules. There are so many types of burgers out there, the classic hamburger, cheeseburgers, chili burgers, pastrami burgers....... all good but can you compare them all against each other?

2/07/2005 10:21 AM  
Blogger J said...

yeah. i think we should do the burger taste-off. I would say we need to do it from the foundation of the burger FIRST...simply put...the basic cheeseburger. Now clearly other enterprising gourmet places will add sh*t like gruyere and aged swiss rather than american cheese or cheddar of the corner stand variety but I think if we stick to the basic cheeseburger FIRST and each of us eats one according to our liking (like me...no onions but someone else yes)...we can give a good assessment of every luscious layer.... THEN we can move on to....I PROPOSE CHILIBURGERS!

2/07/2005 1:12 PM  
Blogger typefiend said...

I hear Irv's is in danger of being demolished by a developer, but loyal customers and local residents are trying to unite to preserve the small hamburger joint. It is indeed a historic landmark in this burger-centric town, and hopefully its saved from becoming a Starbucks in the same way Jay's JayBurger was saved a few years back.

A burger tasteoff is a fine, fine idea....my friends and I have had the same idea ourselves. I think we've only balked for the fear of major weight gain, as I know I fancy myself a burger almost any day. But unlike our pizza taste test, a burger taste test is a bit harder to coordinate; I think its a great idea to minimize the variables and just focus on the standard cheeseburger.

2/07/2005 2:02 PM  
Blogger VdV said...

So...when are we all gonna start the Burger Taste Test?! Guess we have to wait until after Lent is over so we can go on Friday nights?!.....

3/08/2005 1:37 AM  
Blogger TheWIN_ThePlace_TheShow said...

Yes V, post Lent . . . please!!

A few years ago, my homey Moonie whom you guys met that fateful evening @ Nicky D's, perpetrated -- err, hosted a RibQuest where we searched and searched for LA's best BBQ ribs. So there we were, six weary dudes reeking of hickory smoke from visiting 4 different spots, on a rainy Saturday afternoon at our final stop, the now-depated 4 J's on Lincoln in Marina del Rey. We placed our order halfheartedly and enjoyed the authentic taste of Memphis.

The gentleman owner -- the sole person manning the counter that day -- took a look at the six Asian American dudes savoring and freely opining on his ribs and asked, "So, what are you guys, some sort of football team? University of Hawaii or somethin'?"

We laughed all the way back to Moonie's house where, interestingly enough, there was a line to a certain room in the residence and after, somehow, we all had a difficult time extracating ourselves from the comfort . . . of . . . that . . soft , plush couch.

We all woke up about an hour later. And yes, still reeking of hickory smoke.

3/15/2005 2:26 PM  

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