sashimi salad
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for the best sushi in the valley, restaurant chiba is the place to go. ultra-fresh fish expertly cut by the friendly sushi chefs and served up by the best waitresses in town (and they love it when you share your sapporo with them!).

this picture is of the sashimi salad -- it's a bit pricey, but as you can see, you get plenty of sashimi and it is a delicious way to start your meal. i'm also not usually a spicy tuna fan, but chiba's spicy tuna roll is so delicious, i do order it here (and here only).

another favorite dish to order is the chirashi -- a generous and varied selection of sashimi served over a big bowl of rice. this is a great pick if you're not doing the family style thing or you're with non-sushi-eating people (chiba also has a full menu of of non-sushi items).

price-wise, chiba is not cheap. but with sushi, i think you get what you pay for and chiba is a good value for such high quality sushi.

the only trick to this place is finding it. it's located in a strip mall in a mostly latino, working-class neighborhood on the corner of vanowen and lankershim. and, in only-in-LA fashion, chiba's next door neighbor is a pretty happening-looking (and sounding) guatamalan dance club, so after your meal, you can go next door and work off your meal.


Blogger NuttinButGlutton said...

It's actually Saticoy and Lankershim. Same mini-mall as the Winchells.

Say hi to my mother-in-law for me.

2/02/2005 4:08 PM  

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