Wild Mountain Chicken @ Wendy's

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Big. Bold. Wild and Delicious.

"Go a little wild with Wendy's new Wild Mountain Chicken Sandwich. It starts with a hot & smoky southwestern pepper sauce, hickory smoked bacon, and Colby Jack. Made fresh on our Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet, with Wendy's own fiery blend of peppers and spices. It's a big bold taste that's unforgettable."

Learning from the Spicy Tendercrisp sandwich, I opted to not get the pepper sauce and instead got regular mayo. Its much better this way. The chicken patty isn't as crisp as the one at BK, but it's spicy which I wish BK did. Also, this one came with 3 strips of bacon. Everything is better with bacon. The cheese on this one is colby jack. Much better than the american cheese that comes with most other burgers. Price; $5.49 for the combo and also got a frosty to top it off. Overall, a very satisfying lunch.


Blogger J said...

dude. where's my nearest wendy's!!!!???? is there one on the westside...i gotta try this! (especially now that i'm back from my international travels...it's time to OD on some down home fast food junk and get that out of my system so i can go ON with my life!)

12/22/2004 9:34 PM  
Blogger Gregthealligator said...

You charlatan! You scoundrel! You scurrilous rapscallion! WTF! I am inexorably befuddled. How can you justify replacing the southwestern pepper sauce with common mayonnaise? The southwestern pepper sauce is what makes this the wild mountain chicken sandwich and any man claiming differently should take a long hard look at his life. Attempting to climb the mountain with an inferior sauce is like trying to find inner peace through self mutilation. OMG! I pray they revive this sandwich so that you might rectify your mistake.

7/23/2006 4:01 PM  

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