Chilean Casual Dining Churrasco Sandwich

Churrasco Sandwich from Chillán, Chile
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The photo, taken about two weekends ago, is that of a churrasco sandwich, available in a few varieties as detailed on the menu. The "Fuente Alemán" is the place where I feasted on this monster of a sandwich.

First comment: SIZE. If those fries in the photo are any indication, the sandwich is huge. Just half of the sandwich EASILY can fill you up. (but in my case, i ate the whole thing because it was the first REAL MEAL I had eaten since leaving my seemingly perpetually sick state that lingered from the beginning of my trip) A plus on the size for the hungry hippos.

Next: Contents. This monstrosity was filled with thinly and toughly cut strips of beef churrasco grilled, most likely, and generously layered with other hefty portions of tomato, crisp lettuce (I asked for extra) and pickles (there were so many the sandwich looked like it was being attacked). The red sauce I added...it is the supermarket available "ají­ chileno" that i liken to a less vinegary-zesty rooster sauce...but still does the duty nonetheless. The bread is like most of the bread folks eat here in chile, unleavened, white and quite "duro" (thats "hard" for you uninitiated). In this case, not as hard as usual. Normally, this variety also includes a helping of mayo, which is almost always included in the chilean sandwich businesses (as is the availability of mayo for hot pasta dishes...why? i donno). The fries, the waiter admitted after a quick query...is really just for looks.

TASTE: Not the best sandwich i´ve every had but it did it´s job to fill my stomach. The ingredients tasted fresh, a plus, but the churrasco was just too tough for me...as is the case with most of the meat i have purchased in Chile (Concepción, that is). Maybe they don´t know the concept of cutting meat against the grain.

PRICE: Barely 5 dollars for the whole beast...which is actually on the pricier side in Chile for a sandwich.

BONUSES: If anything, save room for dessert because there is a full bakery at this location in downtown Chillán (the restaurant is a chain as far as i can tell...). Chile has been real good to sugar producers because every variety and type of pastry and dessert is pack by the square inch with sweetness. Yum. Get a little cortada coffee with that and you´re good to go.

RETURN FACTOR: I would go back to the place...but for the dessert. (Not unless you wanna try one of their hamburgers with a generous smearing of fresh "palta" or avocado. MM MM. Another commodity in abundance around here).


Blogger diego said...

I do not know about the quality of Chillan sandwiches, but in Concepcion uff is the best at Fuente Alemana and Domino's .. You can eat a Lomito or Churrasco .. I am waiting for one of those ! And try the famous Completo hot dog ... High Quality and fresh only for good quality people !!

10/02/2009 9:33 PM  

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