do-it-yourself ahi (kauai)

jimmy's big catch
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while on vacation in kauai, we decided to bbq our own fish one day. but when we drove by the fish express to buy some fresh fish, we found that they had just closed for the day. on our way to another grocery store, we saw this guy on the side of the road, standing next to his pickup truck with 2 large ice chests at his feet and a handwritten sign on a piece of cardboard saying, "AHI."

as luck would have it, this guy apparently went fishing that morning and had two ahi tuna left in his chests to sell. he offered a 9-lb. beauty to us for $18. as you can see by the picture, we took it.

our friends, anita and jimmy, did a fine job of gutting (anita) and fileting (jimmy) the ahi back at the condo, and jimmy marinated and grilled it up. half was seared; the other half grilled to medium doneness. so fresh and tasty, there's nothing more to say except... yum!


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