fish express (kauai)

fish express
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another highlight of kauai's grub scene is Fish Express, a tiny deli-style take-out place that specializes in all manners of poke (a kind of salad made of raw fish or other types of cooked or uncooked seafood, typically marinated and mixed with onion, seaweed, or other hawaiian style seasonings).

in this photo, taken at the cash register end of the deli counter, you can see the wide variety of poke, including ahi (tuna), tako (octopus), squid, abalone, and raw crab. there's also lomi salmon, seaweed salads, and all sorts of other delights that you'll only find in hawaii.

there's also a kitchen where you can order hot lunches, or you could pick up fried hawaiian style chicken chunks. and they also sell fresh fish by the pound, if you want to go home and make your own.

fish express is located in lihue, directly across from the wal-mart.


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