4 shrimp won ton + 3 topping shave ice = happiness

4 shrimp won ton
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Check it out... on a return visit to
Won Ton Time, I brought my real camera and took this photo of a won ton literally bursting w/ shrimp. There are 4 -- count 'em, 4! -- whole shrimp stuffed into that won ton.

Also, I didn't really expand on this in my previous WonTonTime posting, so let me talk a bit about the Taiwanese shave ice you can get to cool your mouth after all that wonton soup at the Shau Mei outpost a couple doors down. If you've never had this type of shave ice, well... it's not quite as user-friendy as the Hawaiian style version. This one has a bunch of toppings that you choose from by pointing to whatever you want. You can get 3 toppings for $2.75 or 4 for $3.50, plus another $.25 for condensed milk.

shau mei B+W shave ice

I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of crap for saying this (particularly from GrubClub contributor "J") but I am not a big fan of the weird Chinese toppings that try to pass themselves off as "dessert items" -- these include things like cooked oatmeal (or "datmeal," according to the Shau Mei menu), barley, boiled peanuts, various beans, and grass jelly. So, I typically stick with the various canned fruits (longan, lychee, peaches, fruit cocktail) and almond jello that better suit my americanized palate. I like to get what we in the Lew family call the "White Special" (pictured on the left): longan, lychee, almond jello and topped off with condensed milk. My dining companions chose grass jelly, red beans, and longan -- a pretty funky tasting combo, if you ask me. But they seemed to like it. I just don't understand why you'd *want* to eat something that tastes like freshly cut grass...


Blogger grant said...

wonton time. YUM. i once got their noodles w/ wonton, fish balls, AND sliced beef.
yeah, that was kinda overkill.
i can't find your other entry on wonton time. did it mention the "vegetables" that they offer?
or how good their fishballs are?

7/14/2006 2:41 AM  
Blogger DYY said...

Instead of shrimp dumpling with noodle soup, they should name that dish to shrimp with noodle soup and bursted won ton skin.

7/16/2006 2:27 AM  
Blogger Noodle Whore said...

I know this place. It is amazing how they pack 3-4 shrimp in there.

7/24/2006 5:00 PM  

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