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wonton time
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Following the logic of fellow GrubClubber "NuttinButGlutton," I suppose Wonton Time could be categorized as a "Hong Kong Regional Specialty" -- except for the fact that this is some damned good wonton soup that satisfies your wonton cravings every time.

Wonton Time is an outpost of a Hong Kong chain, and that's all they do: wonton and various combinations of wonton with soup, noodles (the thin egg noodles pictured or the thicker rice noodles), handmade fish balls (pictured in soup), and sliced beef. You can also get green veggies (like chinese broccoli, but not quite... it's the one that looks like chinese broccoli but tastes more like a cross between it and bok choy).

These are no ordinary wontons... these are like wontons on crack. They are humungo... each one probably contains at least 3-4 whole shrimp inside. And the fish balls are not really balls at all; since they are all hand-made, they're more like the shape of what you get when you squish play-doh in the palm of your hand while making a fist. And, even though I am not ordinarily much of a fan of the fish ball ouevre, these are some tasty fish balls. Not at all like the rubbery, fishy-smelling things that come out of the freezer section, these are freshly-made, delicately flavored, tender, and perfect in the soup when they soak up the tasty broth.

Speaking of the soup, I like to get the wonton, noodles (either egg or rice... depends on my mood), and fish ball combo in the soup. The other option is to get all the ingredients on a plate and the broth served to you separately in a bowl (as shown at the top of the picture). Kind of like how at Daikokuya, you can get the ramen separate from the broth. Frankly, I just don't see the point of separating everything, since having everything together in the broth makes ties all the flavors together. But, hey, I'm the one who likes to put everything on my plate together in a sandwich, so that may be just me... Lastly, top everything off with the delicious chili oil concoction and you'll soon be a fan, too.

Located in the mall anchored by the Starbuck's on the NE corner of Garfield and Valley, Wonton Time is worth seeking out. But be forewarned that it is teeny tiny in there and I think they close rather early (maybe 8 or 9pm). But a bonus is that afterward, you can always walk over to the Shau May franchise (I think this one is called Kang Kang) and get yourself a shaved ice for dessert.


Blogger DYY said...

No way! 3-4 shrimps! Get outta here!

6/19/2006 3:38 PM  
Blogger illewminator said...

i swear! it takes chinese ingenuity to cram 3-4 shrimps into 1 wonton (kinda like that all-u-can-cram-into-your-salad-bowl website... i should post a link to that -- if only i could find it.)

6/19/2006 11:03 PM  
Blogger VdV said...

Here's the Chinese Salad Architecture website:

6/27/2006 11:31 PM  

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