Vietnamese Regional Specialty

Somewhat of an inside joke among the Lew family, but _____ regional specialty has come to be known as somewhere that serves one dish of something that you have no desire of eating.

I came across this article in the LA Times just last week.
Vietnamese Regional Specialty

Like any good article, the first sentence tells me everything I need to know about this place.

"In a dining area barely bigger than a lunch truck, Kevin Tran presides over the counter and dining room of Vinh Loi Tofu, a Vietnamese vegetarian café and tofu factory in Reseda. "


Now add the words "celery bar" and you can be sure that I won't be within a 2 mile radius of this place.

I'm all about trying places out before passing judgement, but really. Come on. Read the article and tell me I'm wrong by not wanting to go to this place.


Blogger illewminator said...

as a fellow lew family member, far be it for me to tsk tsk you for crapping all over this place touting vietnamese vegan fare... i'll just say that there's a reason that you've never seen a fat vietnamese person...

6/13/2006 10:18 AM  
Blogger J said...

that's soooo f*cked up.

but true.

6/15/2006 2:17 AM  

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