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I almost don't want to write about Petrillo's because it's already eternally mobbed that we always have to wait an hour for a table. But since it is probably one of my top ten favorite grub spots in LA, it would be disingenuous of me to omit Petrillo's from grubclub for my own purely selfish reasons.

A family favorite for years, Petrillo's is THE go-to spot for pizza in the San Gabriel Valley -- perhaps in all of LA, even. Even though we grew up in the *other* valley, we would still make the trek to Petrillo's every so often. Nowhere else can you get the Petrillo's Special: a huge, rectangular shaped pie of thick, chewy crust topped with their tangy sauce, and tons of toppings: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, olives and, for us -- always -- anchovies. The entire thing must weight at least 5 pounds.

Add to this the dense, chewy bread that arrives warm at your table (made with the same dough as used for the pizza crusts, but somehow seems different in loaf form) and a big antipasto salad that had generous toppings of pepperoni, salami, mortadella, chunks of mozzarella cheese, olives, onions, and pepperoncini... what more could you ask for?

Lately, we've taken to calling in our order and picking it up a the take-out window next door. It's less of a risk than having to wait an hour on the sidewalk for a table to open up. Just make sure you have somewhere close to take it to, since you'll want to devour it as soon as you get that Petrillo's scent in your car.

Petrillo's in on the north side of Valley, just east of San Gabriel Blvd.


Blogger grant said...

awesome. glad to see SOME ppl are posting here still (unlike me...).
anyway, petrillo's is GOOOOOD pizza. i love this place too.

12/03/2005 11:02 PM  
Blogger Kennedy said...

Dear Miss Illewminator,

I find your reviews honest and refreshing. I think you should be a food critic for a major newspaper. Not some local neighborhood rag, either, but a big fat newspaper with a large readership and awesome crossword puzzle editor (screw soduku!).

12/12/2005 5:16 PM  
Blogger Joe Solis said...

My entire life, that's how long my family had been buying pizza here. Most of that life I have spent telling everyone I have ever had a conversation about pizza with, that it was the best. Then in 2005 I went to Chicago. Where, I found a pizza that was just a little bit better, as you would on a road trip. Of course living out here I stayed with the number one in my opinion, Petrillo's. Out of my adult life, I've never had a complaint till today. Once they messed up making my order, and gave me both pizzas, but I didn't know, they told me. Now, that was customer service.

Yesterday I ordered a pizza, as usual a specialty jumbo. As we were getting to the end of the pizza one of my friends claimed he found a hair in the pizza. I told him he was full of shit. Today as I was eating the left overs, twice I pulled hair out of my mouth. Currently, I can still feel it as if it was still there. I called, then hung up on four times. They said they were having problems with their phone service. I let that go. When I arrived and told them my problem, I was told that I should have called last night. They asked to see the hair. Now, why would I keep the hair? I tossed it in the trash. They asked how much off the pizza was left, I told them 3 slices. I was told that they couldn't comp a pizza because I ate all but three slices. I never asked to be comp'd. These words put forth as if I wanted to be comp'd. All I wanted was an apology. So, I went home. Pulled the hair from the garbage put it in a plastic zip lock bag. And brought the left over pizza. I was told that they wouldn't comp a pizza, in front of customers. Still I didn't ask to be comp'd. I waited and wanted an apology, and to be told they would work harder to see that it didn't happen again. It's all I wanted. So, as I walked out, I told them they could have their left over pizza back and launched it against the wall as I walked out. Fuck you guys, and your presumption/assumption that I wanted to be comp'd another pizza. Fuck you guys, who couldn't just give a humble apology. Most of all, fuck you guys for calling that big muscle bound assfuck freak of nature out, to deal with me, because that fucktard wasn't intimidating in the least. You guys were 5* in my book. Now you're just 4*... Remember my name, write it down, screenshot it. Remember my face, print it out. Save the surveillance video of me. Still can't believe I couldn't get a simple apology. The assumptions run deep in that motherfucker.

9/20/2014 9:12 PM  

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