Chichen Itza

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Chichen Itza (or as I refer to it in my voice of an ignorant American: "Chicken Itza") is one of those little Los Angeles "gems." Located inside the Mercado la Paloma, a nonprofit community economic development project near the USC campus, Chichen Itza is a small stall that churns out quality, authentic Yucatecan food. Well, I'll have to assume it's authentic, having never had the opportunity to have Yucatecan food on any other occasion.

Either way, it's some tasty grub. In the above photo, I had the chicken pibil with black beans, rice and fried plaintains. My dining companion had the bistec milanesa, being a sucker for deep fried meat wherever he dines.

Basically, the mercado is like a food court (FYI: it also has other stalls that sell other types of food, juices, and non-food specialty items) -- you order at the counter, they give you a number on a stick which you put on your table, then they bring your food out to you at your table when it's ready.

Parking is also validated (one-hour w/ purchase). It's located right across the street from the DMV near USC, on or around 37th and Grand, just east of the 110 (in fact, you can see the colorful mural on the wall with "Mercado la Paloma" painted in the sky if you're stuck in traffic heading north on the 110). Go check it out, buy some earrings or a Mexican blouse after lunch, and support the cause.


Blogger illewminator said...

chichen itza is opening a new location -- on 6th, about a block or two east of rampart, across the street from macarthur park. i've seen the "coming soon" signs, but don't know when it'll be open.

12/18/2005 1:04 AM  

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