Luscious Dumplings

luscious dumplings
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On a tip from "J," an occasional contributor to this blog, I went to Luscious Dumplings in San Gabriel (or is it Rosemead? I can never tell where the boundaries are in the San Gabriel Valley).

This tiny spot is clean and spare in its furnishings -- a good sign that they focus their energies on the food. Taking J's cue, my friend and I ordered 2 orders of the pan fried dumplings and decided to split a noodle soup and veggies.

The dumplings were luscious indeed. They were nicely fried to a golden crisp on one side, imparting a nice crunchy/chewy texture. The pork filling was juicy and tasty -- just right. You could also get them steamed or boiled, which would definitely cut down on the fat, but where's the fun in that???

The veggies were baby bok choy doused in oyster sauce. The noodle soup was rather unmemorable -- I guess that's what we get for ordering soup in a place called "Luscious Dumplings." But, still, it was a good complement to the dumplings to make it more of a meal. We couldn't quite finish all of the dumplings (I think we had about 6 left), so I took them home and had them for breakfast the next day.

If you're a dumpling lover, then you should check this place out. If you're a big eater, then dumplings alone probably won't fill you up enough to make you satisfied. But if you're just looking for a nice lunch or snack, these dumplings will definitely hit the spot.

Luscious Dumplings is located in a mini-mall (that also houses Vietnam House - mm! - and some other place with Shanghainese food that I'm curious to try out) on the SE corner of Mission and Las Tunas.


Blogger grant said...

dude..have you guys been to wonton time on valley, just east of garfield? i think it's the same spot where shau may used to be back in the day. anyway they have really good noodles with fish balls & wonton there. and they're cheeeaaaap!

12/03/2005 11:04 PM  
Blogger illewminator said...

YES!!! i have been there and LOVE the wonton noodle soup w/ the homemade fishballs. i'm not normally a fan of fishballs, but these are really good. they're not rubbery and fishy-smelling, like most. and i also love the chili sauce on the tables (although it doesn't love me... ). do a review!

12/21/2005 12:36 AM  

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