Dave's Chillin-N-Grillin

Based on a recommendation on Chowhound we went to Dave's Chillin-n-Grillin. It's a sandwich and smoothie shop in Eagle Rock. It's a couple of storefronts off of the corner of Colorado and Eagle Rock Blvd. There's a Swork* coffee shop on the corner.

On the menu they have hot sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, cold sandwiches and a variety of smoothies and shakes. The hot sandwich selection is meatballs, sausage, pastrami and French Dip. The grilled sandwiches are ham and cheese, tuna melt, turkey melt, tomato and cheese and something else I can't remember. I remember even less of the cold sandwich selection. There are also weekly specials. There's a king crab melt that I really wanted to get, but he didn't have the crab this week. For $7 you get king crab mixed with a bit of Best Foods mayo, provolone all grilled on sourdough or wheat bread. There's also the Pilgrim which is turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the all important condiment, gravy. I'm so in.

We had the 6" meatball sub for and the tuna melt. Both were great sandwiches. The meatball is made in-house with a blend of veal, beef and pork. It's on french bread with sauce and provolone. The bread was what really made the sandwich. It was a good combo of chewy and crusty. We also had the tuna melt. I usually don't get tuna because they always ruin it by putting in celery. They don't have celery in this version. It's just tuna, Best Foods mayo and celery salt. I'm good with that. It's all on sourdough bread with cheese and tomato and grilled up. He also had this jalpeno hot and spicy relish that he puts on there too. It's like the giardiniera that you put on Chicago Italian beef sandwiches. It was the best tuna melt that I've ever had.

The Dave is quite a character. Typical Boston guy. He talked to us the whole time we were there. He went on with how he buys expensive albacore tuna to make the tuna melt, and how he has to have the no water added turkey or else he won't carry the sandwich that day if he can't get the 0% turkey, and how fresh his bread is and on and on.

I'm not proud to admit that I know this, but he has another person working there that looks just like Miranda from Lizzie McGuire.

Dave’s Chllin-N-Grillin
2152 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA 90041


Blogger illewminator said...

dave has some great balls -- the meatball sandwich was the best i've ever had. he also told us how he has a special butcher in san diego make them special for him, using beef, veal and pork with some parmesano reggiano and some other stuff i can't remember. the smoothies and sherbet coolers are also excellent! but go early -- the day we went, he had already run out of a lot of his menu items.

7/26/2005 11:54 PM  

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