Crawfish Festival

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how could grubclub be complete without a review of the 13th annual crawfish festival held in redondo beach on may 14-15?

for a mere $20 (i purchased the online pre-sale package), i got entrance to the festival, a t-shirt, and this well-balanced meal, as you can see in the photo, which consisted of 3lbs of crawfish (a.k.a. waterbugs), a tiny corn cobbette and a tiny red potato. in fact, all four of us in my party got the same deal, so between us, we downed 12 lbs. of these ugly little suckers.

they were quite tasty, though. for those of you who are grossed out by the looks of them here, i can tell you that they looked a whole lot better in person, and especially after waiting in line for over an hour to get them. still, 3 lbs of crawfish is quite a bit -- we were trying to eat them quickly (because they taste much better when they're hot). so all of us were sitting there with these huge mounds of crawfish in front of us, silently cracking them open, and methodically tearing open the tails to get at the tiny bit of meat. our concentration was so intense, it felt a bit like we were contestants in The Amazing Race and had to finish our plates before we could advance to our next challenge.

the rest of the festival was not all that exciting. after tearing through our trays (we estimated we each ate probably close to 100 waterbugs), we headed for a wendy's to take advantage of the free frosty weekend -- which turned out to be the perfect antidote to soothe our spice/salt-chapped lips.

here we are pigging out with our 3 lb. trays o' waterbugs EACH!


Anonymous top dog said...

Yum -- squeeze the tail, suck the head.

6/15/2005 2:31 PM  

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