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for anyone who has spent some time in the south, you should recognize bojangle's fried chicken. it's the south's answer to KFC -- except it puts kfc's chicken to shame. i think bojangle's must own highway 70 in north carolina from raleigh to atlantic beach -- we must have spotted at least 50 bojangles along the way, compared to perhaps only 5 mcdonald's.

i have several fond memories of bojangle's. first off, it is some tasty fried chicken and they also have these great seasoned fries. bojangle's is also where i was introduced to the southern style "sweet tea," which is iced tea loaded up with sugar -- esp. at bojangles, where their tea is like syrup. and if you ask for unsweetened tea at bojangles, you'll just get a reaction as if you just asked to suck on all the used tea bags before they tell you they don't have unsweetened tea.

but here's my favorite bojangle's story: a friend of ours who was living in NC told us about his cousin who was visiting from california. his cousin, being well-versed in PC lingo, was trying to show off his knowledge of the latino culture and made some comment about the "Bo-Hahn-geh-les." after finally figuring out what the hell he was talking about, our friend said, "this is not california -- you are in the SOUTH... there is no such thing as "Bo-Hahn-geh-les" here. that sh*t is bo-JANG-les!"


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