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al gelato
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like Porto's Bakery is more than just a bakery, Al Gelato is so much more than just place to get gelato. although the gelato is really, really good, there are so many more delicious things to eat at this reasonably-priced, cozy little eatery in beverly hills. who'd have thought???

the food is so delicious, i forgot to take a picture of our meal before we devoured it, so the only photos i have are of the gelato counter and the dessert case, where you'll find cakes and pies with slices as big as your head. no kidding. i've never seen a lemon meringue pie or an apple pie this big outside of an episode of the flintstones.

but back to the real grub... homemade soups, salads, pastas, pizza, and sandwiches are all great and served in extremely generous portions. the homemade rigatoni is cooked just right and covered with a sweet, tomato basil marinara that i find completely addicting. and the small order is a huge bowl that two people can easily share and still be full. the beef barley soup is also crave-inducing, the pizza fresh and tasty, and the salads crisp and dressed with a sweet but tangy balsamic vinaigrette. i've yet to order a sandwich, but from what i've seen, they are also gi-normous.

when you sit down, you also get a basket of enormous slices of freshly baked bread, thick, chewy and warm, a little dish with a couple different types of olives, and a veggie/pepper relish.

but you really have to try to control yourself here, or else you'll never have room for dessert. i've actually never had room for anything other than gelato for dessert for precisely this reason. but even the gelato portions are big -- you can order one scoop with a "taste" of a second flavor, which is basically a generous scoop-and-a-half. if you get 2 scoops, you'll get about the same quantity of gelato as you'd get from a double scoop of ice cream from the fat guy at the thrifty counter.

definitely not for those on a low-carb diet, al gelato is on robertson just south of wilshire in the low-rent part of beverly hills (if there is such a thing). street parking only, but it's not usually a problem. and i think they're closed mondays.


Blogger VdV said...

My FAVORITE place to eat either before or apres seeking a film at the Laemmle Music Hall Theatre. Their sourdough bread is the bomb! Soups are deee-lish, and the rigatoni....yeah! Gena and David are my Al-Gelato-rigatoni-eating-mates! We can polish one bowl off and still have room to (share) a gelato! (Caution: remember to carry that Lactaid bottle for you lactose intolerant colleagues!)

3/31/2005 12:07 AM  
Blogger TheWIN_ThePlace_TheShow said...

Save for the occasional gust of exhaust from passing traffic on Robertson, I've never had a bad dining experience at AL GELATO. The folks are nice, the staff welcoming and the atmosphere is just what a neighborhood cafe should be: relaxed.

As much as I like AG for its underrated food and exquisite cold treats, it has now been surpassed for the title of "Penultimate Gelato in SoCal." The new holder is the bright and cheery IL CONO on Little Santa Monica and Beverly Dr. in BH and although not quite the experience of eating gelato in Italy (What is, really?), the flavors are true. I'm partial to the Green Apple which featured tiny slivers of real fruit. Good news for the lactose-challeneged among us: They offer soy and sugar-free versions as well.

As for best gelato/sorbetto in SoCal, that title still belongs to AROMA di ROMA in Belmont Shore.

4/04/2005 2:08 AM  

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