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this is the sashimi lunch plate at this very popular lunch spot in honda plaza in j-town (2nd and alameda). this is the most popular lunch special at sushi-gen -- and for good reason. look at all the food you get for only $10.50! ultra-high quality sashimi, beautifully presented, and great quantity all adds up to a one hour wait for a table, if you arrive anytime between 11:50 and 1:00. but be forewarned: if you sit at the sushi bar, you'll definitely pay for it -- at the bar, you can't order the lunch specials off the menu.


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as a follow-up to my original posting: i went back on a day that featured salmon collars as their special lunch. since i'm a big fan of salmon collars (and hamachi collars), i gave it a try and was not disappointed. the collar was nicely broiled with just the right amount of crunch on the outside, but still very tender and moist on the inside. plus, along with the salmon collar, i also got a pretty generous serving of sashimi (two kinds -- toro and snapper, i think), not to mention the miso soup, sunomono, and tofu.

the hamachi collar is also nicely done. you can only order this at dinner off the appetizer menu. and FYI, the tempura is only served at dinner, too. my cousin swears its the best tempura ever; it's pretty good, but if i'm coming here, i'm getting the sushi or sashimi.

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