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din tai fung
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When you're in the mood for delicate dumplings at not-so-delicate prices, be sure to hit up Din Tai Fung on Baldwin and Duarte in Arcadia. It's not really expensive, but we're not talking cheap grub here. [We went with 7 people, ordered probably 10 dishes, and spent about $13/person for a light dinner.]

Still, what do you expect for fresh, hand-made dumplings made to order?? There's a window in the front of the restaurant where you can watch the all-Latino staff expertly fold these Chinese delicacies.

Pictured here are the "xiao long bao" or more officially, "xiao long tang bao" or "soup dumplings" (pork and crab filling is their house specialty, but they also have pork or fish filling -- i preferred the pork filled).

All the dishes are small, so be prepared to order more than you think you'll need. Many people like the herbal soup and the desserts. (I personally don't consider beans to be a dessert item, but my friends really seem to like them).

Be prepared for a long wait and parking can be a challenge at this very popular international restaurant (locations also in Taiwan and Japan).


Blogger VdV said...

One of my favorite dishes at this fantastic dumpling restaurant is the rice cakes (liked sliced mochi with vegetables.) Yummmm!

This restaurant has some of the freshest dumplings to be found; I actually think the portions are large--usually you get only a few dumplings at dim sum restaurants--here you get twice as many (but maybe pay proportionately.) But the great flavor is worth the visit.

9/21/2004 11:53 PM  

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