hapless hamburger HABIT

note of caution: don't believe the local cable ads for Hamburger Habit that say they are the BEST in LA. located in the northwest corner plaza of National Blvd and Sepulveda Blvd in West Los Angeles, Hamburger Habit is a pure ripoff. the chili dog was like 4 bucks for something I could've cooked via microwave (the dog was puny). the hamburger is completely unremarkable...especially for the 6 or 7 dollar price tag. pound-for-pound, in-n-out win's ANYDAY! Hamburger HABIT: what a rip-off. (the photo of the burger on the right is lifted but MUCH MUCH more appetizing looking that the one I got at "the Habit.")


Blogger NuttinButGlutton said...

The shakes are better than in-n-out. I got a mocha with whipped cream. They gave me a free one the first time I went there. I guess they screwed up what somebody else ordered and I was just hanging around the food pickup area. They were just about to dump it when I rescued it.

8/24/2004 7:55 AM  
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