Senor Fish

We went to Senor Fish in Eagle Rock. It's on the corner of Eagle Rock Blvd and Norwalk. It looks like it used to be a house. There are a few tables inside and a few more outside. If you sit inside there is a table right under the air conditioning outlet. It feels like your at the receiving end of a snowblower. Go there and you'll see. Don't even bother asking them to turn it down. Your comfort is not a concern of theirs, stop your whining and pick another seat.

Whenever I go there I usually get the fish, shrimp or scallop burrito. That in itself is a meal. It has rice, beans and fried fish. I'm not sure if it has cabbage in it too. It's a hefty size, and when you add the white sauce, salsa and lime it gets pretty messy.

Lately I've been getting the lunch special. $5.99 for two tacos, rice, beans and a drink. I get one fish taco and one potato taco. The fish taco is your standard fish taco, fried fish topped with cabbage, cilantro and onions, salsa and that white sauce. It's so much better than Rubio's and Baja Fresh. The potato taco is really good too. Its made up of almost mashed potatoes in a tortilla and fried till hard. I'm not one to go for the non-meat option, but it was Lent when I tried it and doing the good Catholic thing I went with the potato taco. I've been hooked ever since.


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